Apr 13, 2024
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About amin afagh

When Securities Market Act was passed in December 2005, new financial institutions were founded in Iran; the most recent one is the Investment Advisory.Securities Market Act and the directive approved by the Board of Securities and Exchange Org.define the investment advisories’ scope of activities as broad as consultation services,including carrying out feasibility studies,developing business plans,providing consultation on investments and finance,evaluation and valuation,and providing consultation concerning offering and asset management.

Advisory Co. was incorporated at the Registry of Companies of Tehran under Authorization No.11331 issued by the Securities and Exchange Org. and Reg.No. 471554 and National ID No.14004873545.Upon providing facilities and conditions required by Securities and Exchange Org., our Company is currently offering a complete collection of financial services to the great financial institutions, Investment companies, producing and service companies, as well as the general public.

 Our Company’s board members are made up of senior manager of Iranian investment market.This has led to company’s combined effort for a better provision of service to the clients.The Company’s board members’ records include membership in the Exchange Company’s Board of Directors,setting up the first investment bank in Iran,contribution to the capital market regulations preparation, etc.Our Company’s board members are universities’ faculty members and specialists of financial, conomic and banking fields.