Dec 1, 2022

Business plan

Business Plan

A business plan is drawn up after conducting feasibility studies and selecting the most suited investment field. Business plan is tool of decision making and it is comprehensive program which explicitly and clearly explains the development goals of an existing or a new business for a specified period. This is a contingency plan in respect of its content and framework and it is determined according to the its goals and audience; nevertheless, its general framework include accurate investigations concerning products or services of a company, market, customers, rivals, supply chain, human resources, finance resources, technology, product or service technical dimensions, operation and marketing management, etc.


1)     To review feasibility study of conducting a business؛

2)     To acting as a road map of a company for understanding a certain industry and contingent barrier and provide for comparison of actual performance with the expected performance؛

3)     To introduce the business idea and facilitate obtaining capital from investors or loan grantors؛

4)     To identify contingent  risks؛

5)     To act as tool for forecasting and better management of existing or new businesses؛

6)     To identify potential problems and existing incompatibilities among sections and allow for thinking about the required solutions and ultimately provide preparations required for making intelligent and effective decisions؛

Types of business plans according to users

1)     External Business Plan: It is a sufficiently-detailed document, written with an appropriate literature and beautifully arranged to be provided to the beneficiaries from outside the organization. Such plans accurately state the information concerning an organization and the executive team.

2)     Internal Business Plan: It is a quite accurate plan, encompassing those planned details which may not benefit the external beneficiaries, but the managers need them for drawing up the plan. Informal writing style is often used for this plan and it is more explicit in comparison with an external business plan. This plan may target development of a new product, a new service, a new system, modification of a financial structure, or change in the organizational structure.


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