Feb 6, 2023

Capital increasing plan

Capital Increase feasibility Report

Many companies increase their capitals in order to supply their liquidity which they require for development plans and also in some cases to meet the requirements set forth by the Securities Exchange and/or for listing requirements. According to the Commercial Code, as amended, Securities Exchange should require companies to prepare feasibility report on capital increase and provide the same to the legal inspector for expressing an opinion. The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will make a decision on the basis of the board’s report and the legal inspector’s opinion.

Capital Increase includes the following Steps:

1)     To draw up capital increase feasibility report and present the same to the board؛

2)     To draw up and fill out forms related to the share registration statement؛

3)     To approve of the feasibility report and registration statement by the auditor؛

4)     To review and approve of the mentioned statement by the board؛

5)     To provide the Securities Exchange with the feasibility report and registration statement؛

6)     To receive authorization from the Securities Exchange؛

7)     To prepare and publish notice of call to the EGM؛

8)     To hold EGM to approve of capital increase؛

9)     To prepare prospectus and provide Securities Exchange with the same via CODAL System؛


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