Dec 3, 2023

Feasibility and evaluation plans

Feasibility Study & Assessment of Plans

Feasibility study is the written documentation, aiming to accurately and scientifically review of the existing or propose businesses from technical, financial and economic perspectives; as a result, it is very important both its owner and its financial supporters. Feasibility study provides for investigation and identification of all aspects of projects, merits, weak points, opportunities, threats, scenarios and solutions to the problems.

Reasons of Conducting a Feasibility Study

1)     To focus on the project and outlining options؛

2)     To limit the business options؛

3)     To identify new investment opportunities in the surveying process؛

4)     To collect sufficient and authentic information for making a decision؛

5)     To identify the reasons for implementation of the plant or avoid the same؛

6)     To  expedite taking out bank facilities؛

7)     To help for promotion of investment in shares؛

Feasibility Study Steps

Feasibility study process is made up of two phases: Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) and Final Feasibility Study (FFS):

1)     Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS): General specifications of the project are dealt with and usually when the investor is facing several different options.

2)     Final Feasibility Study (FFS): Such a study may be conducted if required and upon the employer’s request at varying detailed levels of the project after the plan is formed and defined according to its general framework in respect of the product specification, production capacity and investment volume.


Supported by scientific and operational capabilities of our experienced specialists, and upon consideration of all aspects, we provide any required service concerning feasibility studies. Some of our services are as follows:

1)     To review the proposed plans according to the scientific and operational criteria.

2)     To assist in fair and unbiased decision making concerning projects.