Dec 1, 2022

International investment

International Investment

Another mission of our company is to facilitate investment in the reputable international markets. To this end, being backed by our knowledgeable specialists and also with respect to our proper communications and collaborations in the international arena, we offer the following services:


Amin Nikan Afagh Investment Advisory Company is ready to provide the following services:

1)Analysis of varying international markets and industries

2)Valuation of securities of reputable foreign companies

3)Consultation in respect of investment mechanisms in international markets

4)Evaluation of risk tolerance of investor and consultation concerning the risk of any international investment

5)Proposing optimal composition of investment portfolio on the basis of the consultant’s assessment of varying proper foreign investments

6)Giving analytic reports on different financial markets, companies and industries of the world, if requested by the investor

7)Giving periodic practical reports about the developments and events at international foreign markets or certain industries in respect of micro and macro domains, if requested by the investor

8)Consultation and analysis of market and investment place and selection of projects for foreign investment

9)Providing consultation concerning investment procedure, term and volume of investment in the foreign projects

10)Building up foreign exchange portfolio

11)Listing Iranian companies in the international stock exchanges