Dec 3, 2023

Public Joint Stock company establishment

Establishment of a Public Joint Stock Company

Establishment of a pubic joint stock company is a way to utilize resources from the general public and formation of capital for implementation of a certain activity or plan. The aim of establishment of company of public joint stock type is to provide for application of the general public and subscription of the company’s shares in the capital market, which naturally will be followed by inflow of cash fund from the financial market into the company. According to the securities market Act, approved in December 2005, establishment of public joint stock companies and general subscription is subject to registration at the Securities and Exchange Org. and receiving subscription authorization from this legal institution, as well as enjoyment of services of advisor for going through this process. 


1) Public participation in supplying the company’s capital

2) Ease of long-term financing

3) Issuance of debt securities

4) Capability of admission to the capital market

5)  Attraction of capital through issuing new share certificates

6)  Limited liability of shareholders

7)  Transparency and ease of transference of shares (transfer of shares in public joint stock companies is not subject to agreement of other shareholders)

8)  Continuation of company’s activities and existence



Relying on scientific and operational capabilities of our experienced specialists and in consideration of all aspects, we provide an aggregate of services in respect of establishment of public joint stock companies.