Dec 1, 2022

Admission advisor

Securities Listing Advisor at Stock Exchange/ OTC

Listing means adjustment of status securities and that of their issuer with conditions set out in the relevant instruction for the purpose of allowing security transaction at the stock exchange; and listing advisor is a legal entity which conducts entire or a part of applicant’s duties in the listing process on behalf of the applicant as the principal liaison between the applicant and the stock exchange. According to the laws and regulations of capital market, all requests of listings by the applicant companies at stock exchanges or over the counter markets and also mercantile or goods-based securities listings should be provided to the stock exchange by the listing advisor.

Privileges for Listed Companies

1)Easy corporate financing through stock exchange /OTC

2)Increased liquidity of shared and reduction in cost of capital

3)Benefiting from the incentives granted by the government and stock exchange, like tax exemptions

4)Company’s shares and securities price fixing

5)Easy change in composition of shareholders and transferability of ownership

6)Increased domestic and international reputation

7)Community’s introduction to economic entities and the company’s products marketing mechanism

8)Facilitation of pledging shares by the shareholders

9)Easy financing from banking systems as compared to the un-listed companies

10) More proper assessment of company’s management performance

11)Promotion of the company’s accounting information and internal controls, following development of corporate strategic system

12)Making use of proper criterion for comparing the company with other companies of the similar industry and also in comparison to the general position among listed companies

13)Improvement of financial and economic structure as a result of compliance with listing requirements


Services of Amin Nikan Afagh Investment Advisory:

Being backed by the scientific and operational capabilities of our experienced specialists and in consideration of fair and unbiased conditions, we provide an aggregate of listing services at Tehran Stock Exchange or Iran Fara Bourse. Some of such services are outlined below:

1)To hold orientation meetings with listing applicant companies and major shareholders’ representatives for the purpose of describing listing process at stock exchange or OTC and the role investment advisor in such a process

2)To evaluate readiness of the company for listing at Stock Exchange and Iran Fara Bourse

3)To provide consultation and introduce major shareholders, managers and authorities of the company with listing requirements and process, directives and laws and regulations, as well as reporting and disclosure requirements at Stock Exchange and Iran Fara Bourse

4)Provide consultation and make the required collaborations toward preparation of documents needed for filing process of listing, including prospectus and business plan to be provided to the stock exchange and OTC

5)Provide the required suggestions concerning needed modifications and amendments in the company’s articles of association in order for compliance with listed companies’ sample articles of association, approvable by the Securities and Exchange Organization

6)To make coordination in the listing board’s meeting and attend such meeting together with the applicant company’s representatives for providing the listing board members with the required explanations

7)To supervise compliance with listing regulations by company in the listing process

8)To make arrangements for inspecting the company by the investors and capital market activists

9)To valuate and to fix basis price of each share to be offered on first offering day and propose basis price to the company

10)To do marketing and host meetings to introduce the listing applicant company.