May 28, 2023

Marketing and sale of securities

Marketing and Sales of Securities

 Marketing and sales of securities play a key role in companies’ financing process through issuing types of securities, and attracting customers is the general concern of companies in public offering and private placement of securities at domestic and international financial markets.

Classification of Marketing Procedures

A)     Local Marketing

1)     To make use of proper marketing and advertising tools for attracting the public

2)     To do marketing and identify investors for major and block trades

3)     To provide for supplying financial resources for the institutional investors


B)     Foreign Marketing

1)     To identify international institutional investors (entry of reputable international investors to the Iranian market)

2)     To do marketing and identify foreign investors for major and block trades

3)     To offer shares at foreign stock exchanges

4)     To offer transnational certificates of deposit in abroad (public offering or private placement)


Services of Amin Nikan Afagh Investment Advisory:

Relying on scientific and operational capabilities of our experienced specialists and with respect to shareholding relations and also counter-collaboration with local and international agencies, we provide an aggregate of services of marketing and sales of securities. Further, we offer other services in this respect as detailed below:

1)     Designation of proper time, procedure, quantity and price of securities for offering

2)     Nomination and selection of appropriate investors with regard to the external environment

3)     Assistance in attracting investors

4)     Provision of consultation in respect of sales procedure and its management