Dec 3, 2023

Investment Advisor

Investment Consultation

 Investment is a strategic process and it is so important at economic-entity & macro level that sustainable development goals may not be achieved without regarding the same. Investment is sacrificing any current value (which is usually specified) in the hope of attaining any value in future (whose size or quality is usually unspecified). In other words, an investor sacrifices a specified value at present in order to attain his intended value in future.

 Types of Investments

 Investment may be classified from varying perspectives:

1) From Duration Perspective

  • Short Term: It covers early-return investment activities or investment within a short period, e.g. two years. In other words, in such investment, firstly, the investment may be liquidated, like transaction of stocks; secondly, its transaction value at any time may be specified; and thirdly, it goal is, in all likelihood, is financial oriented and there are no goals such as organizational control, etc.
  • Long Term: Investment is made on productive assets, leading to intermediate or final products or both. In an economic entity, investments in purchasing plants and/or construction of the same, real estates and machinery are regarded as long-term investments. In macro economy, civil activities of the Government are regarded as long-term investments. A long-term investment life ranges between two to five years.

2) From Type of Asset Perspective

  • Investment in non-financial assets, such as goods, buildings, etc.
  • Investment in financial assets, like investment in varying securities (participating bonds, preferred shares, ordinary shares)

Provision of Services

Amin Nikan Afagh Investment Advisory Co. provides services listed below, upon relying its investment specialists’ skills and knowledge:

1) Provide consultation concerning mechanisms of investment in the listed and OTC-traded securities.

2) Evaluate investors’ risk tolerance by making use of information extracted from the questionnaire of investors’ risk tolerance; provide consultation in respect of any investment; provide consultation concerning any risk management.

3)  Propose optimal composition of investment portfolio, separately for varying industries, on the basis of the consultant’s evaluation of the investor’s risk tolerance.

4) As requested by the investor, to provide periodic analytic reports on performance and status of investments made by the investor and administered by the consultant.

5)  Express opinion and provide practical report on macro-economic variables such as foreign exchange rate, inflation, various price indices.

6) Provide recommendation about purchase, sale or keeping shares at stock exchange and OTC, listed or OTC-traded sukuk; investment units of mutual funds, listed derivative instruments, precious metals and other types of securities.

7) Provide analytic reports on financial markets, varying companies and industries, if requested by the investor, including:

A) Provide analytic reports and views in respect of trend of price or supply & demand of types of listed or OTC-traded securities and precious metals in the past and future and express a professional opinions concerning them؛

B) Provide fundamental and technical analysis on each share requested by the investor and express an opinion about the same؛

C) Analyze the trend of supply, demand, prices and peripheral factors affecting a certain industry or market, upon request made by the investor؛

D) Provide practical periodic reports on developments and events in micro and macro fields in financial markets or certain industries, upon the investor’s request, and express an opinion about the associated effects؛

8) Provide consultation about and analysis of the market and investment opportunity, and selection of project for investment.

9) Provide consultation about and set prices in block trades.

10) Provide consultation concerning investment procedure, duration and volume of investments in projects.

11) Provide consultation concerning enter into partnership with companies and selection of investors and financial and trading partners.